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Zikia 5 in 1 ROLL ON (Hypnotic)

Price per unit : ₹ 249 /-
Provide Relief From :
  • Headache
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Nasal congestion and cough

Select Variants : Hypnotic Meadows Soothing Bamboo

About Zikia 5 in 1 ROLL ON (Hypnotic)

First of its kind in India, the ZIKIA 5 in 1 Roll-on is an extremely versatile product that provides relief from headache, muscle and joint pain, nasal congestion and cough, while providing relief from anxiety and stress, yet, is extremely fragrant. The non-sticky product comes in impeccably packaged glass vials with a no-drip applicator that makes its usage a fuss-free experience, without leaving behind neither an unpleasant visible residue at the site of application, nor the balm-like smell like most pain relief balms do. Boasting of 100% active plant-based components with no aqueous, alcoholic or paraffin base, the ZIKIA 5 in 1 Roll-on is engineered through German technology to cater to the needs of a section of the society which is aware of, and understands the need for alternative relief-providing options to the regular synthetic painkillers, smelly and unpleasantly sticky balms that promise pain relief.


The product comes in 3 very distinct fragrances:

  1. Hypnotic: Luxurious smelling and very effective, on application, Hypnotic leaves a dreamy fragrance behind while not compromising on its efficacy as a pain relieving roll-on in any way
  2. Soothing Bamboo: An extremely comforting fragrance that assures to take you back to nature as its 100% active ingredients do their job to provide you relief
  3. Meadows: Smelling like the lush European countryside, Meadows leaves a subtle fragrance of rich green valleys that heal.

Most people from the health-conscious section of the society would rather reject painkillers, rub greasy and smelly balms at the slightest sign of an inconvenience like headache/backache/cough/cold, and look for a healthier and more fuss-free and pleasing alternative that is affordable too. The Zikia 5 in 1 Roll on is specially formulated to be just that. Unlike the other pain relief balms in the market, the ZIKIA 5 in 1 Roll-On leaves no greasy residue, is makeup-friendly and does not melt down with sweat during summers. Its non-sticky formula makes it perfect for application in hot and humid areas as well, leaving behind a cooling relief and stress & anxiety-reducing fragrance after application.

Composition: Extracts of Traychyspermum ammi, Camphora, Eucalyptus globulus, Cymbopogon citates, Cinnamomum oil, Gaultheria fragrantissima, Mentha.

Features :

  • Perfume-like fragrance
  • Non-sticky
  • Non greasy
  • No Drip applicator
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% active plant-based components
  • Oil/Alcohol-free
  • Makeup-up friendly

How to Use

Topical Application

Simply glide the Roll-on on the affected area and spread it out evenly with your fingertips. Do not bring the contents in contact with your eyes or mouth. Sit back and relax for a while as the 100% active components and beautiful fragrance of the Zikia Roll-On does its trick! DO NOT forget to do a patch test behind your ear if you have sensitive skin though!!


If a blocked nose or a bad cough is bothering you, just glide the Zikia Roll-On on a clean handkerchief and breathe through it, taking long deep breaths and exhaling slowly. Repeat whenever required and thank us the miraculous relief!

How to Use

Desired area.

For pain relief, gently glide the Roll-on at the site of pain (forehead/ back/ shoulder) and spread the solution evenly on the desired area.

Ages 3 and above.

The Product is for external usage only for ages 3 and above. Not to be swallowed and contact with eyes, burns and patchy skin must be strictly avoided.

Nasal congestion and cough,

For relief from nasal congestion and cough, glide the Roll-on over a clean handkerchief, fold it once, and gently breathe through it.